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Originally introduced as way for individuals to make their own chalkboards at home, chalkboard paint quickly became a top product for those who loved arts and crafts. Some of the ideas, including using the paint to make a cheese tray or a banner are easy enough for anyone to do at home. Projects and ideas that involve the use of walls or furniture often require the help of an expert. A Harrison painter will have years of experience working with different types of paint and know how to make chalkboard paint look as smooth as a real chalkboard. Before turning to an expert, some might want to look at ideas for using the paint.

One fun use for chalkboard paint is in a kitchen with open shelving. Painting a large box behind the shelves, or using the paint on a wall filled with shelves, lets homeowners jot down notes about what goes on each shelf to cut down on items they misplace. Using the paint on the cabinets is another great idea. Homeowners can draw their own images on the doors and simply wipe off and replace those drawings when they want to change the way the kitchen looks.

Those with tall ceilings may want to hire a professional to paint the ceiling with this paint.

The painters from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about residential painting or wallpapering.

Though the dark color can make a small room feel even smaller, the dark shade has a big impact in a larger or taller room. Residents can use the ceiling to create their own artwork to bring even more attention to that space. This idea also works well in a child's room. Little boys and girls will enjoy the stars and other images that their parents place on the ceiling. Parents will appreciate that they can change out the images regularly.

Chalkboard paint also works well as a faux wallpaper. Professionals apply a coat of paint to the wall and then use masking film to create a pattern or design. They paint over the entire wall, including the film, with chalkboard paint. When the paint dries, they can peel off the film to reveal the combination of chalkboard and traditional paint. Painters may also use the chalkboard paint first and the colored paint second to create a slightly different look.

There are thousands of different ways to use chalkboard paint in a home. While some use the paint for a child's room or as an accessory, others use the paint in more unique and unusual ways.

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