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Painting is one of those jobs around the house that many think they can tackle themselves. Homeowners might later find that they used the wrong type of paint, chose the wrong supplies or made an error when applying the paint. A Harrison painter can teach homeowners more about some of those common errors and help them understand why they should work with a professional. Professionals can paint any type of wall or surface without leaving behind any errors that might ruin the entire look of the room or building.

One type of error is a paint blister. Also known as blistering, this often occurs when the paint doesn't adhere properly to the surface. The small amount of air trapped between the paint and wall creates a small bubble or blister. This blister can eventually pop and expose the primer or the wall underneath the paint.

Others find themselves dealing with paint blocking. This error often appears on doors and windows, but it can occur in any space where two or more surfaces touch or meet. The paint from one surface can stick to another surface and cause both layers of paint to peel off. This may occur because the homeowner applied too much paint to both areas, but it can also occur because the two surfaces touch before the paint fully dries.

The painters from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about wallpapering or residential painting.

Some mistakes can occur due to human error, including pinholes and brush marks. Pinholes leave behind a large amount of tiny holes in the paint while brush marks leave behind dark slashes of paint. Paint burnishing is similar to brush marks and usually occurs when an individual applies fresh paint to dry paint.

Homeowners may find themselves struggling to repair cracking or flaking paint. Flaking and cracking paint often occurs because of some type of water damage. Homeowners who apply primer and paint to a wall without giving each layer time to dry may find that the paint begins quickly flaking off the wall. These problems can also occur because they used the wrong type of paint or primer.

There is also a problem known as leeching, which happens when the paint begins leeching off the wall. It can drip down onto the moldings or spread onto the ceiling and surrounding walls. Moisture is the leading cause of leeching, but it also occurs because of pollutants in the air that cause the paint to separate. After dealing with some of these errors and problems, many homeowners turn to professionals for help.

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