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When someone who knows what they're doing is painting a commercial or residential structure, it looks easy. However, a lot of skill goes into a proper paint job. While the basic concept of painting may be simple, to get results that are truly beautiful, it is recommended need to hire someone with years of experience. A highly trained Harrison painter can easily turn a basic paint job into the focal point of a room.

While some people try to save money by taking a DIY approach, hiring an experienced painter is ultimately cheaper, and the results are better. For starters, an experienced painter can work much more quickly than an amateur can. People who take a DIY approach may lose money from the time away from their regular job.

An experienced painter can do the job using less paint than an amateur will. Getting the right amount of paint on the wall takes experience. Most amateurs tend to waste paint by rolling on too much at certain parts of the wall, or they don't roll on enough paint on the first coat, resulting in an unattractive finish. An experienced professional knows how to roll on exactly the right amount.

Painters from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can answer any question you have about commercial painting or interior staining.

Perhaps the most important reason to go with a professional painter is the quality of the results. This starts with selecting the paint itself. In addition to color, there are many factors to consider in deciding what paint to use in a room: oil vs. latex, how the paint will look in different lights and more. A professional painter can help a customer select the correct paint and, often through his or her connections in the industry, get the best deal.

Prep work is key to painting. If painting is done without prep work, the imperfections will be noticeable. A professional knows how to sand, patch, prime and do whatever else it takes to get a surface ready for painting. A professional painter also knows how to do the taping of a room to prevent getting paint where it doesn't belong. There are many little tricks to this that only come with experience. For example, a professional painter knows how to use painting tape to create a little "roof" that sticks out over baseboards.

A professional painter knows exactly the right order to paint the surfaces of a given room as well as how to roll fast and smooth while keeping a wet edge at all times. The result is an even finish where not a drop of paint is wasted.

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