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One of the first things that potential buyers look at when shopping for a home is the condition of the kitchen. While not everyone can afford the cost of adding brand new cabinets, most homeowners can fit the cost of painting those cabinets into their budget. Working with a Harrison painter is one of the best ways to ensure the cabinets get a brand new look with minimal fuss.

The very first step of a cabinet painting project is the removal of the doors and hinges. Painting the doors while they are still on the cabinets can cause the paint to stick to the hinges and keep them from working. Once a professional removes the cabinet doors, they will place the doors flat on a drop cloth.

Wood cabinets can have a number of imperfections in both the doors and the cabinets. Joint compound is a good solution to those problems. Painters fill the damaged areas with the compound, wait for it to dry and then sand it down until it sits flush with the wood. A professional will then sand the wood to give the surface some grit. Sanding also helps remove any sealant or glossy finish that may have been added to the wood.

The next step is the application of a primer. Primer adheres to the surface of the wood and helps the paint go on more easily.

A painter from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about commercial painting or interior staining.

Cabinets may require an additional coat of primer to completely hide the original paint or stain on the wood. Some painters will apply primer, sand the primer, apply a second coat and sand that again to make the surface as smooth as possible.

There are two different techniques suitable for painting cabinets: brushing or spraying. Brushing the paint on can cause a problem experts call brittle. Brittle often requires the removal of each layer of paint and primer and the application of new primer and paint to fix. Spraying creates a smoother surface and reduces the amount of time it takes to paint the doors and cabinets. Most cabinets will require a minimum of two coats of paint.

When painting kitchen cabinets, it's also helpful to use a clear coat. Also known as a sealant, a clear coat won't darken the paint color. A clear coat is easy to clean and prevents grease and other foods from staining the cabinets. Once the painter finishes painting, he or she can attach the doors back to the cabinets.

Professional painters can easily remove the cabinet doors and replace those doors later, repair damage to the wood and even help homeowners select colors that will coordinate with their home decor scheme.

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