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Concrete is one of the most popular building materials around. Originally used in foundations because of its durability and strength, modern designers look for new ways to use the material both inside and outside of houses. Homeowners can find easy step-by-step tutorials online that walk them through the process of making poured concrete counters and using concrete when building tables and other pieces of furniture. Those who look down on concrete often do so because of its association with unattractive basement floors made from the material. A Harrison painter can transform those floors quickly with new paint.

Painting concrete floors is unlike painting other types of surfaces. Concrete is extremely porous and can absorb multiple coats of paint without showing much of a change. That is why professional contractors utilize epoxy paints designed specifically for use on concrete. An epoxy has a much thicker consistency than ordinary paint. When first poured, it may actually look like plastic. It dries to a high shine with a thick surface that can withstand walking, running and jumping on the floor. Epoxy comes in various colors, and painters can add powdered or liquid dyes to create a customized color for a floor.

Painters thoroughly clean the floor before using the paint.

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They use a broom to sweep up any debris or trash and go over the floor with soap and water to clean the concrete too. If the floor features a sealant, the contractors will need to use an etching substance that eats through the surface of the floor and removes the sealant, which helps the paint stick better when applied. Some painters will then apply a coat of primer, but if the contractors use the right paint, the floor doesn't need any primer.

Epoxy paint is very thick, which is why painters traditionally use a paint sprayer when applying it. A paint sprayer also reduces the risk of brush marks appearing on the floor. Using any type of brush can leave behind brush marks. As the paint dries to the concrete, the motion of brushing on more paint can form those marks.

The paint sprayer allows the painter to control where the paint goes and how it coats the floor. After the paint dries, painters use a clear coat designed for floors on the surface. This clear coating protects and secures the floor, ensuring that homeowners can enjoy the look of their new floors well into the future.

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