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Painting a room is a smart way to update its look and bring it into the modern age. Many people simply use a few coats of primer and apply new paint right on top without thinking about the various layers of paint already on that wall. As moisture gets behind those coats and other problems occur, the older layers can eventually begin peeling away from the wall. Prior to applying a new coat, a professional Harrison painter will determine if removing those old coats is necessary. Painters have access to products and tools that lets them easily remove each coat.

Removing old paint often involves the use of a paint stripper and an electric sander. Paint strippers contain a mixture of chemicals that essentially eat through each layer to reach the bare wall beneath the paint. After putting on the right protective gear, painters apply the liquid to the wall and wait a few minutes for the liquid to penetrate the paint. They can then use chisels and other tools to scrape the paint off the wall. Some painters prefer using a gel paint stripper, which clings to the wall and gives them more control.

Electric sanders can save professionals some time and save their clients some money too.

A painter from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about wallpapering or commercial painting.

They typically equip the sander with a sandpaper of a fine grit that will remove the paint without damaging the wall. Using a circular or back and forth motion, the painter moves the sander across the wall to break through each coat of paint. Some may use a small amount of water to create more grit to get through the coats faster. Sanding is a good option for walls and surfaces with multiple layers of paint and on surfaces where painters used thicker coats of paints and varnishes.

Another option for removing old paint is a heat gun. A heat gun looks similar to a hairdryer but produces more heat at a higher temperature. Contractors hold the heat gun a few inches away from the surface and direct the heat right at the wall until the paint blisters and peels. They can then use a scraper to carefully scrape and peel the paint off the wall in long strips. Removing paint with a heat gun usually takes more time than the other methods do, but it allows the contractors to remove all traces of the old paint without scratching or damaging the drywall or wood beneath.

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