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When painting a room, most homeowners spend the majority of their planning time staring at a color wheel or the paint sample counter deciding which color works best. While it's important to choose a color, it's more important to buy the right paint and primer to get the job done. Painting by itself, using a primer, or purchasing an all-in-one product can be daunting. Which method is best? Generally, most homeowners choose the path of least resistance. In other words, whichever method gets the job done quickest will win out over grueling paint labor. A professional Harrison painter can offer a detailed analysis of a home's condition, but the following tips will highlight the benefits of painting, priming or using a paint-and-primer product.

In recent years, repair people and professional painters have extolled the virtues of using primer before painting a room. There are obvious benefits to priming, which will be discussed below, but sometimes homeowners can get away with just paint. Using high-quality or even mid-range paints allows homeowners to repaint a room using just paint without any problems. Some of the expensive or top-of-the-line paints may not even require a second coat if the finish and color are identical to the original. If the room is being updated with a fresh coat of the same exact color and type of paint, then a couple coats of paint without primer will suffice.

A painter from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about wallpapering or interior staining.

Painting a room with brighter or deeper colors requires several coats of paint or a tinted primer to bring out the exact color. When changing the type of paint or going to a completely different color, priming is essential. This is where the real debate begins: Do paint-and-primers work, or is a standalone primer necessary? Experts disagree on this matter because generally, standalone primers better protect walls and significantly reduce the number of coats a room needs. Priming with a standalone primer also saves money since primer by itself tends to cost less and can be tinted to coordinate with the paint.

Despite the benefits of standalone primer, paint-and-primer products have their advocates as well. Modern all-in-one paints save time, money and effort for amateur painters who don't have many resources to spend on painstakingly redoing a wall. Instead of having to buy a separate primer and paint, the product can be mixed all at once. There's also no fear about the primer matching or coordinating perfectly with the topcoat since the product includes primer.

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