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Giving the interior of your home a fresh coat of paint is a great way to revitalize your personal space when it's time to make a change. However, there's more to painting a room than simply choosing a color. All paints have different finishes, with each finish having its own unique advantages. A Harrison painter can help you choose the finish that is most suitable for each room in the house.

A matte paint is a paint that has very limited or no shine. Because of this, this is the paint to use if the walls have mild damage to them. Additionally, this type of paint tends to be the most cost-effective, especially if the room has very little traffic. On the other hand, the paint is usually not durable and can be removed during basic cleaning.

Eggshell is a finish that is very similar to matte paint in that it has no shine to it and has similar advantages and disadvantages. Unlike matte paints, however, eggshell paints have a slight luster to them, making this finish perfect for areas that are used often but aren't subject to damage.

Satin has a velvety luster to it that makes it a desirable, easy-to-clean finish for high-traffic areas. The main drawback is that this finish can be difficult to apply, as brush strokes and touch-ups may be visible, so using a roller is recommended with satin paints.

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This finish has a high durability and can handle some wear and tear.

Like satin, semi-gloss is a finish with a shine. This finish is easy to clean and repels moisture, making it a great choice to use in bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, this paint can be used anywhere there is a risk of water buildup, including trim.

Finally, paints with a high-gloss sheen are the most durable out on the market. Due to their sheen, this paint protects walls from moisture, dirt and debris. Since they are so easy to clean, high-gloss paints were made for kitchens, doors and window trim. However, high-gloss paints are also likely to be the most expensive.

When making a choice regarding paint finishes, it really comes down to price, advantages each paint finish offers and the needs of the homeowners. For example, families with children or pets may wish to spend a little extra and use a satin paint on many of the rooms in their home to ensure durability. Other homeowners may wish to save a little money and stick to matte or eggshell finishes.

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