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Decks offer a large number of benefits for most homeowners. They can use that space when inviting family over for parties, host impromptu barbecues with their friends and just relax as they read a good book outside. Many homeowners find that decks require more in the way of maintenance and upkeep than they initially expected. In addition to cleaning mildew and algae off the wood, homeowners also need to repaint or apply a new stain to the deck every few years. Those who are confused or unsure as to how to paint a deck can turn to a Harrison painter for help getting the job done.

Cleaning is always the first step. Even if the deck had a sealant applied in the past, algae can still form on the surface of the wood. Algae commonly affect homes in regions with higher humidity levels, but the problem also occurs during the warmer months in other parts of the country. A power washer can quickly cut through that algae and remove mold and mildew on the wood as well. Painters will let the wood dry completely before painting the deck. Depending on the weather, the wood may dry within a few hours or several days.

If the homeowners did not properly seal or treat the wood, it may appear dry or brittle.

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Using a coat of primer on the wood before applying the paint can help restore that wood and keep it from breaking later. The primer forms a thick barrier on the surface of the wood and helps the paint adhere better to that surface.

Though some contractors use a paint sprayer when painting a deck, most rely on either a paint roller or paintbrushes with artificial bristles. Some look down on artificial bristles and assume that these brushes will leave behind brush strokes and marks in the finished coat, the brushes work well at getting between the wood boards used on the deck and creating a smooth, finished look.

All decks will also require a clear coat or sealant. This sealant is the one thing that protects the wood and reduces any damage caused by weather conditions later. It keeps rain from reaching the paint and causing the color to break or flake off, and it helps the color last longer when exposed to sun and other elements. Some clear protective coatings can also reduce the amount of damage caused by the sun and prevent the paint color from fading.

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