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Kitchens and bathrooms have a tendency to look a little dated after just a few years. Trends come and go, and many homeowners make the mistake of following those trends instead of selecting a look they'll love for years. Replacing the counters in a bathroom or kitchen can easily cost thousands of dollars, and some might find that they want to replace those counters within a few years. A Harrison painter can show homeowners how painting their counters can give them the look they want as well as explain how they can change the look later.

Contractors can paint any type of counter, including those made from natural stone or laminate. All types of counters will require a thorough cleaning first with products made specifically for that type of surface. Wiping off any excess water and letting the surface dry ensures that it's ready for the next step.

The next step varies based on the type of counter. Counters made from stone require a coat of sealant that keeps the stone from absorbing too many coats of paint.

A painter from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about interior staining or commercial painting.

If the home features counters made from laminate or a similar material, painters will simply sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper that gives the counter a slightly rough finish.

As paint can accidentally reach the cabinets, sinks or floors, contractors will need to prepare the bathroom or kitchen. They will remove any appliances or items sitting on the counter and may recommend removing the sink too. Painters can wrap drop cloths and tarps around the cabinets and cover the walls and floors to prevent any accidents.

Contractors will use epoxy to repair any damage done to the counters. They mix the epoxy to the right consistency, apply it to scratches and other damage and wait until it dries. Painters can then sand down the epoxy to match the surface of the counter.

Most counter materials need primed before painted. Acrylic primers are the best choice for laminate counters. The primer quickly bonds to the surface and will dry faster than an oil-based primer will. It usually takes from a few hours to overnight for the primer to finish drying on the counter. Painters then apply the first coat of paint with a roller, wait for the paint to dry and apply any additional coats as needed. As water and moisture from the sink can damage the finished paint, contractors will apply two or more coats of sealant after the paint dries.

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