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Having two or more floors in a home is a blessing for some. Homeowners love knowing that they can spread out and that their family members will have all the space they need. As most interior stairs feature a wood construction, those homeowners know that wear and tear can change the look of those steps. Between the kids running around with their toys, pets scampering through the house and guests wandering around, the stairs can develop scratches and gouges. Instead of covering those steps with carpeting or a rug, a Harrison painter can come in and apply a fresh coat of paint and a protective coating.

A typical set of stairs consists of individual risers and treads. Treads are the horizontal pieces of wood that people actually step down on, and the risers are the vertical pieces in between each riser. Many homeowners prefer painting the treads and risers in two different colors to draw more attention to the steps. Others like the idea of creating a semi-permanent runner on the top of the stairs. Painters can use painting tape to block off the design of the runner and apply a complementary coat of paint to that surface after painting the other areas.

If there is carpeting on the stairs, contractors will remove that carpeting and use an adhesive remover to carefully pull off any glue residue left behind.

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If previous homeowners painted the steps in the past, they can use paint stripper to remove any clear coats, paints or stains left on the wood before applying any new paint.

Painting a set of stairs is easy for a professional. They first use an oil-based primer that penetrates deep into the wood and reduces the number of paint coats needed later. They then use tape and plastic sheeting to block off the treads and paint each individual riser. After the risers dry, they can block off the treads and paint the risers.

The last step associated with painting stairs is what professionals refer to as the finish coat. Also known as a clear coat, this type of sealant dries completely clear. As people and animals go up and down the stairs multiple times every day, the finish coat serves as a protective coating for the wood. It keeps the new paint color looking bright and shiny and keeps those living in the house from rubbing the paint off the steps as they walk on the treads.

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