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The bathroom and kitchen are some of the most important rooms in a home. When real estate agents walk inside a house with an old bathroom or an outdated kitchen, they frequently tell the homeowners to make some changes before putting that property up for sale. While many homeowners think that improving a kitchen takes a lot of time and money, painting the cabinets is an easy and affordable way to instantly change the look of that space. A Harrison painter can help homeowners decide what color and type of paint to use and get those cabinets painted quickly.

Most cabinets today feature a plywood construction. Manufacturers use plywood, which is an inexpensive building material, as the base for the cabinets. They then apply thin sheets of wood, also known as veneers, to the surface to make the cabinets look more expensive. Though some might think that they can't paint those cabinets because the plywood is too thin, painters can easily find the right products for those surfaces. Most painters will take off the doors and paint the doors outside, but some painters will cover the floors and other surfaces in the room and paint the entire cabinets on the spot.

Masking tape and painters tape are two of the best products for painting cabinets.

A painter from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about wallpapering or residential painting.

As the tape peels away easily and won't leave behind any adhesive residue, professionals can use the table to create stripes and other designs on the cabinets. They also use the tape in combination with newspaper and plastic or canvas tarps to block off the walls and floors.

When working on plywood cabinets, painters will often use sandpaper to rough up the surface and remove the sealant applied by the manufacturer. They can then apply primer and paint. If the cabinets feature a hardwood construction, contractors will typically use a liquid or gel paint stripper to remove any old paint from the wood.

After applying primer, contractors may use a ground coat and apply multiple layers of one or more paint colors on top. They can then use sandpaper, heavy chains and other products to remove some of the top layers of paint to expose the ground coat for an antiqued look. If the homeowners want a more modern look, painters can simply apply two or more coats of the same shade of paint to change the look of the cabinets. Painters use the same steps and methods when painting bathroom cupboards and other types of cabinets.

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