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Stucco has a great look and can work on any type, style or design of home. Often used on Tudor and Swiss Chalet homes, it first rose to popularity during the 1910s and 1920s. Many manufacturers and designers use stucco as a way to add texture and dimension to a home and apply the stucco as a covering to a basement wall or foundation. Improper installation can allow moisture to get behind the stucco and make it peel away from the home. Homeowners who work with a Harrison painter find a way to paint and restore that stucco to make it look brand new again.

There are some great sealing and patching products that painters use on stucco surfaces. Sealants are perfect for keeping the stucco attached to the wall and ensuring that it won't flake off when exposed to water later. If the wall shows signs of cracking or is missing stucco, painters will use patching products to cover up those damages. Most homeowners will find that painters can go right over the stucco with paint after sealing the wall. A small number of homes may show more significant damage, which will require the application of new stucco prior to painting.

Though most surfaces require some form of primer, stucco usually does not require any primer.

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The only time it may need primer is when the stucco has several coats of paint. Those extra coats of paint add weight to the stucco and can lead to the stucco slowly sliding down and off the wall. Professional painters can examine the wall and determine if it needs primer.

Unlike other exterior spaces, painters cannot use paint sprayers when working with stucco. As the material is lightweight, the pressure from one of those sprayers can easily dislodge the material or knock it loose. Though some use paint rollers, those rollers may not reach all areas of textured stucco. Most painters rely on brushes made from natural bristles. Made from different types of animal hairs, the brushes provide an even application without leaving behind any brush marks.

Painters will also use tarps and tape to protect the home itself from the paint used on the stucco. They cover any surrounding walls with paper and tarps and secure those items with tape to keep the paint from bleeding or transferring over onto those walls. Some professionals may finish the job with a coat of waterproof paint or sealant to further protect the stucco.

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