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Painting any household surface comes with a host of preparation steps that must be incorporated for a beautiful finished project. A Harrison painter typically spends more time preparing for a paint job than actually completing the application itself. The home's exterior must be repainted after many years to rejuvenate the color and enhance property value. Homeowners should be aware of the proper steps to a quality paint job to verify their contractor is an expert at their work.

Contractors begin with a thorough cleaning of the surface to be painted. They may use safe chemicals for manual scrubbing or a basic pressure washer for larger areas. It's critical to remove all dirt, debris and oils from the exterior surface as paint cannot adhere correctly to a dirty surface. This cleaning process may take a few days, depending on the property. The building may require several passes with a pressure washer to completely remove all the unwanted debris.

Professionals can take a good look at the old paint when it's clean to see if stripping is necessary. The old paint could be warped, bubbled or cracked, and contractors must scrape and strip away any damaged paint. Because some properties have more cracked or damaged paint than others, this stripping process could take a few days.

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Covering items to protect them from paint is the next critical step. Windows, vents and light fixtures must be covered in plastic and taped down. Even plants surrounding the home at the foundation must be draped with plastic. Although professionals make it a point to be neat with their paint application, drips can occur.

Most contractors will prime the prepared surface before applying the final color. Primer simply creates a base hue that provides transition between the old and new colors. If a home is being updated from a deep brown hue to a yellow color, for example, primer is critical to keep that yellow free from any brown undertones. Even the final color requires several coats to look as bright as its sample hue. All these paint coats also contribute to longevity and protection against the weathering elements.

Whether a home's exterior has flaking paint or just a dull color, a brand new paint job makes the structure shine brightly. If the home is on the real estate market, brilliant colors tell potential buyers the property is cared for and ready for a bid. Quality painters are instrumental in improving a property's value.

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