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Painting a home is normally reserved for the calmer seasons of the year, usually between spring and fall. This timing concept applies to both indoor and outdoor projects. A Harrison painter must also pay attention to the local humidity levels, along with sunny forecasts. Poor climate coupled with a fresh paint job could result in an unsightly finished product, even with the best binder mixed into the color.

Humidity is the measure of water molecules within the air. When humidity is high, there are many water molecules filling the spaces between air molecules. Fresh paint relies on curing and evaporation to harden and create a smooth surface. Painting in high humidity reduces the paint's ability to evaporate and dry. The surrounding air essentially blocks the paint from curing. Paint surfaces can warp, especially if another coat is applied to a tacky area. It could take painting professionals a much longer time to complete a project under high humidity.

With low humidity in mind, homeowners might think a sunny area is better at curing because it's drier than a shady and humid space. However, extreme heat also affects paint curing.

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In general, temperatures should range between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit for some paints to cure correctly. When a surface is lit by the sun, however, it doesn't normally fall under this temperature range. It can actually reach temperatures hotter than 90 degrees, causing the paint to crack. Painters need shaded areas by following the sun's path during the day to avoid directly lit spaces.

An ideal painting situation is an overcast day with humidity between 40 and 70 percent. Direct sunlight isn't striking the surfaces and there's ample dry air to encourage curing. Spring and fall may be the best seasons for this scenario, but don't rule out those calm summer days either. Simply look for a long week of cloudy days to make a painting appointment.

Rain or snow is probably the worst conditions for any paint job. If there is a poor forecast during a project, speak to the contractor about rescheduling. It benefits both the homeowner and contractor when conditions are ideal for a rapid and proper paint application. Either party wants to correct problematic paint surfaces.

Schedule a paint project far in advance to select the best time for the region's climate. Homeowners want any paint job to last for several years. With proper application and low humidity, cracking and peeling are minimized for a gorgeous appearance year-round.

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