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Moderate to severe water damage can occur in any household, making it critical to repair the area before any more issues arise. Water damage usually comes in the form of plumbing problems or floods inside the home. Drywall acts as a sponge for water, trapping it and degrading the material over time. A Harrison painter must visit the property to inspect the damage and handle repairs.

Contractors look over all the walls with potential water damage. Most damage is often at the drywall's base near the floor. Professionals make notes of how much drywall is damaged and where repairs must be made. They will also inspect the wall all the way to the ceiling to verify rogue moisture spots.

Although the main problem could be centrally located in one room, contractors will often walk around to other areas in search of potential damage. Small brown spots on drywall indicate water stains, for example. They may be older stains not associated with the general damage, but they can still be part of the household's moisture problem. Contractors will include these stains in their estimates to ensure complete moisture control.

With the estimate approved by the homeowner, contractors start cutting out drywall. Significantly damaged drywall cannot be dried or fixed.

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It must be replaced to avoid fungus growth and other harmful issues. Professionals use sharp utility knives to cut out neat drywall squares or rectangles. They will patch in brand new drywall within these sections as the repair process continues.

Before new drywall is installed, contractors may try to dry the area with fans for a day or two. Although the damaged drywall is removed, there could be residual moisture on the studs or wood beams in the wall. Powerful industrial fans allow evaporation to take over before new drywall touches the area. The new material could easily absorb leftover moisture and become damaged again.

Professionals install the new drywall and fill the connecting seams with compound and tape. With experienced workers, the wall should appear seamless to any visitor. When all the compound and tape are dried and sanded down, a new paint job is applied.

Some homeowners may have flood insurance that can cover certain water damage repair costs. Contact the insurance company the moment a water problem occurs. An insurance company may work with the hired contractor to cover costs. The main goal is a healthy household with no moisture problems after the repair process.

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