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When it comes to repainting the exterior surface of a home, there are many different options available. Between a wide variety of different sheens and colors, a homeowner can give their home a unique look that boosts the curb appeal. However, before the sheen and color of paint is chosen, the homeowner must choose what type of paint they want to use. There are two main types of paint: latex paints and oil-based paints. Both types of paints have different qualities that allow them to serve different purposes. Prior to purchasing paint, it is recommended that homeowners seek advice from a professional Harrison painter.

Latex paints, or acrylic latex paints, are a type of paint made using water as a thinner. This type of paint is considered to be the top choice for covering a wide variety of exterior surfaces, including wood, vinyl siding and stucco. Latex paints are also most often used on interior trim.

This type of paint has a number of advantages, making it a popular choice for home-painting projects. In addition to being extremely versatile, latex paint is easy to apply, can dry within six hours and is more resistant to mildew than oil-based paints. Additionally, most latex paints resist fading.

Oil-based paints are either made out of linseed oils or alkyd, a synthetic substance.

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Unlike latex paints, oil-based paint can be much more difficult to apply and can take more than 24 hours to dry. Additionally, paints with a linseed oil base may potentially allow for mildew and bacteria to grow although most paints include a mildewcide. Finally, this type of paint can be extremely difficult to clean up, even with turpentine or a paint thinner.

With the many advantages offered by latex paints, homeowners may wonder why they would ever use oil-based paint. These paints are applied much heavier than their latex counterparts, making them excellent for covering exterior walls that have heavy chalking. Additionally, latex paint may have trouble adhering to surfaces that have four or more layers of oil-based paint; a new coat of oil-based paint will adhere without problems.

Painting a home is one home improvement project that many homeowners wish to try on their own. However, if they choose the wrong type of paint or fail to properly prime the exterior surface, the new paint job could result in aesthetic problems for the home. As such, homeowners who are looking to boost their home's appearance and provide proper protection against the elements may wish to contact an experienced painter.

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