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A brand new paint job looks spectacular for many months after the initial application, but dirt and grease may eventually start to adhere to the walls, making the color suffers as a result. Although walls shouldn't catch dust like a shelf, they do accumulate oil droplets from cooking and other home activities. This grease becomes an adhesive for dirt and grime. Turning to a professional Harrison painter for wall cleaning assistance is a smart way to spruce up your home without embarking on another painting project.

Start with vacuuming the walls. Although this concept sounds unusual, there is a minute dust layer on the wall that becomes a muddy hue if mixed with water. Removing the majority of the dust before applying any liquids makes the cleaning job simpler. Use a brush attachment on a vacuum wand to reach all areas across the wall. The color should actually appear brighter just with the vacuuming alone.

Each paint coat in your home may differ slightly in age, so begin the next step in the cleaning process with a test. Pull a couch or other large furniture item away from the wall. It's best to test a cleaning agent on a wall section almost never seen by visitors.

A painter from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about wallpapering or interior staining.

Test both mild and strong cleaning agents in this area, from mild detergent to mineral spirits. Give the area time to dry and inspect it before moving onto the remaining wall space. Any observed peeling paint or drywall damage should be pointed out to a painting professional, who will then devise a safe and alternative cleaning plan.

When you're ready to wash, mix water and mild detergent in a bucket. Use a soft sponge to soak up the mixture and apply sparingly to the wall. Don't soak the wall with water, however. When detergent doesn't seem to cut through difficult grease, move to a stronger agent with mineral spirits. Apply this liquid to the sponge and wipe the wall down. It should cut through the grease easily.

When the paint has a clean feel to the touch, wipe the entire area down with a clean and dry rag. Although liquids were used sparingly, some water could move into wall cracks and cause mildew or mold problems. Wipe the wall dry for the best results.

Cleaning the walls doesn't substitute for a new paint job, however. If the home hasn't had new paint in a decade or more, even the most diligent cleaning processes will uncover only flat color schemes. Update the paint periodically and keep it clean between projects in order to keep your walls looking great.

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