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When property owners think about home improvement, they may think about tearing walls down to expand living rooms, replacing windows around the home, installing new cabinets or painting walls in different colors. While these projects will definitely improve a home's overall interior decor, the application of wallpaper can also enhance a home's interior for both residents and guests. Wallpaper is versatile and easy to change, and it can be applied in less time than painting. Wallpaper can also engage the mind with a myriad of design concepts.

Wallpaper can help homeowners become actively involved in changing the décor of their home. However, if assistance is needed, a Harrison painter can always provide advice about wallpaper types or apply the wallpaper. Whether it matches furniture or creates a picturesque background to help put the mind at ease, wallpaper provides the opportunity to change a home's environment on a frequent basis if desired. Some of the popular wallpaper designs include black and white tapestry patterns, sage leaf designs, beige wood impressions, French styles and animal prints. When designs like these are applied, rooms that were once drab can become adventurous based on the theme of the room.

If homeowners prefer a more subtle look and want to apply wallpaper that mimics a solid paint color, paper without bold designs can be chosen and offset with a decorative wall border.

Painters from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can answer any question you have about residential painting or wallpapering.

An alternative application could be applying a wall border to freshly painted walls. Wall borders are a fun way to brighten the walls of a room and range in themes such as nature, beach, café, harvest and cartoon characters.

The benefits of using wallpaper extend beyond decorative designs. Homeowners can save a lot of money due to its durability. Another benefit includes the fact that wallpaper does not have to be reapplied as often as paint; homeowners can leave the wallpaper on for a decade or more while paint might need a touch-up after only a few years. Interior designers who are working with painted walls must purchase pictures to add creativity to a room, but wallpaper makes a statement of its own.

Homeowners who are unfamiliar with wallpaper and how to apply it can inquire about tools and pasting materials prior to purchasing wallpaper. Before homeowners began their wallpaper projects, it's always recommended to research information about application to ensure that instructions are thoroughly understood. Professional painters can provide extensive knowledge about wallpaper application and application techniques. Experienced painters are not only knowledgeable about wallpaper but also have access to the latest wallpaper application tools.

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