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Homeowners may not automatically think of a Harrison painter after a water damage problem at a property, but these detailed contractors can take structural issues and make them like new again. From inspecting the building envelope to stripping old paint away, extensive water damage doesn't have to break the bank.

If a home is relatively old, it could still have lead paint peeling from water-damaged walls. Homeowners should not try to remove the paint as a DIY project. Lead is poisonous whether it's inhaled or ingested. Professional contractors have specific safety parameters they follow to remove lead paint safely. In essence, the water damage actually helps the family by encouraging them to remove the lead-based paint and add a more environmentally friendly paint to the structure.

Most homes have a mixture of wood and drywall as their main structural components. When these items become saturated, it encourages mold and mildew growth. Although their presence is mainly an aesthetic issue, some molds are actually harmful. Molds reproduce through airborne spores. Black mold could sicken a household, for example. Contractors can quickly pinpoint these areas and remove the materials. Brand-new wood and drywall fixes the problem almost every time.

A painter from F&B Painting of Harrison NY can any question you have about interior staining or commercial painting.

Drywall naturally absorbs water when flooding occurs, so it isn't a good idea to save and repair these sections. Professionals carefully cut out the drywall in square sections. They will measure a new section and add it right into the opening. Using plaster and taping, the new drywall looks like there was never a water damage problem. Only skilled contractors can make drywall appear seamless.

Water damage even applies to outdoor decks. Professionals must test all lumber sections for strength. Wood decks naturally slough off most water, but damage to the surface may create crevices for decay. Before anyone can step onto the deck, contractors survey the support beams and surface lumber. They'll mark any problematic areas and devise a repair plan. This plan normally combines repairs with replacement wood for the safest deck afterward. Water can be extremely harmful to lumber, especially if it's submerged for a long period. Homeowners should provide as much detail about the water damage reasons and duration so that their contractors can make the best decisions regarding care and repair.

Painters work on more than just ceilings and walls. Homeowners may speak to a local professional about water damage repairs to see all their various services. Hiring one contractor is almost always more cost-effective than working with several different companies at once.

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