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Whiteboard paint, also known as dry erase paint, is one of the newest types of paints available to shoppers. Similar to chalkboard paint, it turns any wall into a whiteboard like those found in professional offices and in schools. When a homeowner decides to add whiteboard paint to an interior space, a Harrison painter can prep the surface and apply the paint to the wall. Those painters will help homeowners decide which ideas they want to incorporate into their homes.

Once the product dries, it works just as effectively as a whiteboard. Erasable markers go on and wipe off in seconds, so creating a family fun wall is just one idea. Instead of painting an entire room with the paint, some might use the paint on a single room in the kitchen, family room or living room. This gives the family a place where they can play together. They can use the wall for playing games and drawing pictures on family night or when they have free time.

Some homeowners also use dry erase paint as a way to keep track of their family's schedules.

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They cover the entire wall in whiteboard paint and let it dry before using masking paper to block off sections of the wall. They essentially create one large calendar on the wall. Each month, the family can write down appointments and events taking place throughout the month. This lets everyone in the family keep track of the schedules of others.

Professional painters have seen an increase in the number of people using whiteboard paint in their home offices as well. Painting an entire wall, or using masking paper to block off a large portion of the wall, allows the painter to create a big whiteboard that homeowners can use in various ways. Many use the space for jotting down notes, keeping track of appointments and even recording information about clients when they work from home.

Though using whiteboard paint might sound easy, there are a number of reasons why the job is best left to the professionals. Applying the paint to a dirty wall, not using enough of the paint or applying it in the wrong way can leave the wall with dark spots, air bubbles, peeling paint and other problems. Professionals can help homeowners narrow down their options for using whiteboard paint and paint a wall or an entire room to ensure that those homeowners get years of use out of the paint.

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