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Hire a painter in Rye that has a small company feel without the limitations. Our growing company has refined all painting techniques to ensure your home has the best quality appearance for years of glorious color.

How can our Rye painter make your home look even more spectacular?
  • We concentrate on preparation and application, not just speeding through the job. Painting the interior or exterior requires taping and covering critical items to avoid any overage.
  • If a new color isn't your style, our painting professionals can wallpaper your property instead. There are no bubbling or crooked wallpaper sections while we're on the job.
  • We even offer flooring services to complement the walls. Epoxy coatings in the garage and outdoor deck maintenance are our specialties. One contractor can solve both floor and wall issues simultaneously.
Only hire true professionals to apply color perfectly.
  • Our Rye painter professionals show up to your property with quality work in mind. The owner always looks over each job to ensure you're happy with every painted area.
  • A free onsite consultation gives you a chance to ask questions about painting techniques and ideas. Professionals may even have a better color scheme in mind that pleases the entire family.
  • We work on commercial buildings too. We'll schedule the painting around your business hours, even on weekends or evenings. Your customers are just as important to us as you are.
  • We provide much more than painting services. Older homes with lead paint may need special consideration and our professional removal techniques. We even solve your worst water damage problems through our estimation and repair processes.
  • Our Rye painters are proud to have several contracts with city entities, making our services trusted by officials and residents alike. Our dedication to detail makes us stand out from the crowd.

An expert painter at F&B Painting of Rye NY can answer your questions about commercial painting, residential painting, wallpapering or epoxy coatings.

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F&B Painting : Our Rye painter makes a difference in your project's success.

We have an historic home and some rooms needed to be repainted. Since there is a significant amount of detailed woodworking and original baseboards, we were concerned that a painter would not be pay attention to the level of detail required within each room. Fortunately, a friend referred us to Frank and F&B Painting. Their attention to detail was second to none! We're now recommending F&B to all our friends.

near Rye,NY. 5 star rating Overall Experience 5/5
Painter experience is a crucial element for Rye residents with renovation needs.

Happy customers become part of our painting family, showcasing beautiful homes for future clients. Our success stories are real and heartfelt. Take a look at some of the differences we make with our personal touch.

Our customers understand basic painting processes, so we adhere to best practices for each project. You'll never see our professionals forget to clean or repair a wall before painting. Some amateur painters may try to skimp on priming the walls to save time or materials. Our workers know that primer is a key factor in proper paint adhesion. There's always wall preparation and primer added to each job before color even enters the picture.

If one of our customers has a bad experience, we'll do our best to repair the issues and move forward. We only have successful stories for your new paint job.

Our Rye painter is always ready for your call.

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F&B Painting provides painter services including commercial painting, residential painting, wallpapering, epoxy coatings in the Rye NY area:

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  • Mamaroneck
  • Greenwich
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