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Installing a wood deck is one of the smartest upgrades a homeowner can make, similar to a kitchen renovation. The deck extends the livable space, making the home appear larger during selling processes. This deck should be maintained by a professional Rye painter, however. These contractors understand the complexities of wood and how to keep it looking spectacular over the years. Homeowners should understand the details involved with deck maintenance to stay on top of yearly care specifics.

Every maintenance appointment should have cleaning as a normal component. Contractors sweep or wipe down the deck, depending on the conditions. They must have a clean surface to apply any sealants or stains. Cleanliness also serves a practical purpose, allowing professionals to see minute details in the wood itself. There could be tiny hairline cracks that are virtually impossible to see without a clean surface to inspect.

A clean deck is ready for the troubleshooting process. Contractors scour the top surface for bad wood and loose nails. Any of these items are quickly noted for future reference during repairs. If they can access the deck's underside, contractors venture below to see the deck at a different angle. Professionals will also look at the ledger and other framing sections to ensure structural integrity is still strong.

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With a clean and strong deck documented, professionals start the sealing process. Each contractor has a slightly different application process, but most sealants are rolled or sprayed onto the deck. The goal is to cover all wood surfaces without any missed areas. Sealants act as a second skin for the wood, preventing water damage and pest infiltration. It also creates an attractive gloss appearance when people step out onto the deck.

Many homeowners choose staining as another option to deck maintenance. Staining is specialized paint meant for wood products. It's normally light to dark brown, working with almost every wood hue in the industry. Homeowners may want to see a stain sample to choose the tone they prefer. Wood can be as light or dark as they desire. It's simply another layer of wood protection.

Each deck inspection appointment often comes with professional suggestions on repairs or additions. Try to hire the same deck professional for each visit to develop a business relationship. When the homeowner and professional discuss deck specifics, there is already trust developed to possibly enhance the investment further. A reputable professional only wants the best for their clients.

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