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Decks are a great asset to any home. However, they can be costly to build, so homeowners should do their best to maintain their deck and improve the return on their investment. Deck maintenance should be performed at several different points during the year in temperate climates.

Late spring is when most people begin to use their decks, so it is important that homeowners prepare for the upcoming summer when this area of the property can see a lot of use. A technician can begin readying the deck by removing dirt or debris that has accumulated. They will then use either a cleanser or water spray cleaning process to make sure that everything has been cleared away. When using a cleanser, it is imperative that the product chosen is appropriate for the decking material.

After the deck has been cleaned and left to dry for a few days, it is time for staining. People can always hire a Rye painter to get the job done for them. They should remember that their choice of sealer has a big impact on the results they get. Solid stain can seal in damage caused by weather and cover the grain completely. Semi-transparent stain allows some grain to show but tints the wood. Toner offers some protection against ultraviolet light and can add some color, and clear sealer will allow people to see the wood's natural grain.

Any of the expert painters at F&B Painting of Rye can answer your questions about epoxy coatings or commercial painting.

After applying the stain, the deck is given two days to dry, and it is important that it's not exposed to rain or any other kind of moisture. Homeowners should remember that decks should be stained annually. In addition, professionals can repair or replace any screws or nails that are out of place so that the area will be ready in time for summer.

During the middle of the summer, decks often see a lot of use, and this is a good time to have them inspected for structural problems. Professionals will always to check the railing and look for decking boards with rot or cracks. These may not be a problem right away, but they will generally get worse over time. Mid-summer is also the time to check beams, posts and joists for signs of rot or rust.

In the early fall, it is time to start preparing a deck for spring. People should make sure that nearby trees and bushes are trimmed at least a foot away from the deck to prevent rot and mold from building up. In addition, they should move any furniture on the deck to avoid discoloration.

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