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Painting a ceiling the right color can instantly make a room look larger and more spacious. A darker color on the walls paired with a lighter color on the ceiling pulls the eye up, and selecting two similar colors can make the room look more cohesive. Painting the ceiling doesn't necessarily require the use of a scaffold, but it does require the use of a ladder or an extending paint roller. Working with a Rye painter is an easy way for homeowners to paint their ceilings without paying to buy or rent any expensive equipment.

Prior to painting the ceiling, it's important to prep the area first. It's nearly impossible to paint the ceiling without the paint dripping onto the walls, which is why painters use plastic sheeting or drop cloths and masking tape. They apply the sheeting or cloths to the floor, and then use masking tape to tape off the walls. Long strips of tape applied directly to the line where the walls and ceiling meet keep the paint from reaching the walls and ensures that the paint remains on the ceiling.

An expert painter at F&B Painting of Rye NY can answer your questions about residential painting or epoxy coatings.

Homeowners should understand that smoke rises from the floor to the ceiling, which may result in a dingy film appearing on the surface in certain homes. This smoke can come from cigarettes or cigars and from certain types of candles. Professional painters will often clean the ceiling to remove any smoke damage before applying a coat of primer. Primer is one of the best tools to prevent bleeding paint. It essentially acts as a base coat that seals the surface. This cuts down on the amount of paint needed to completely cover the ceiling and ensures that the paint doesn't develop any streaks.

An extending paint roller reduces the risk of injuries caused by straining or falling off the ladder. This type of roller has a long handle that extends several feet to reach higher areas. The painter can push the roller through the paint tray and use the specialized end of the tray to wipe away any excess paint.

Experts use a back and forth motion to create a zig-zag pattern on the ceiling, which covers more space with each swipe of the roller. After covering the ceiling, the painter can use a ladder and a brush to touch up any smears or streaks to ensure even coverage. Professional painters often have a lot of experience painting different surfaces and can coat a ceiling with almost any type and color of paint imaginable.

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