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Wood paneling had its heyday during the 1970s, but some home designers continued using paneling well into the 2000s. Often made from thin sheets of wood veneer or plywood, designers sometimes added it to one wall or completely surrounded an entire room with the paneling. As it often features a number of tiny nails holding the wood in place, removing the paneling may be difficult. A professional Rye painter can come in, repair any damage to the wall and paint it in a way that will make it look completely unlike traditional wood paneling.

Paneling that is 30 years old or older often suffers from a number of issues, including scratches and holes, and even the smallest of damage can shine through a new coat of paint. Professional painters can repair existing damage before applying any paint or primer.

One of the best tools for repairing wood paneling is caulk. As the caulk expands, a small dab can fill in the largest of holes. Some painters will use epoxy in place of caulk, but both substances dry to a hard finish. Once it dries, a painter can use sandpaper to smooth out the caulk and make it sit even with the paneling.

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Painters will also sandpaper to ensure the wood is smooth before painting it.

When the area is completely smooth, the painter can use masking tape to protect the ceiling, the baseboards and any other areas around the paneling. Masking tape goes on smoothly and peels away without sticking to the wall or floor. If the paneling touches the floor, painters will also use drop cloths to protect the floor.

A stain-blocking primer is the best type of primer for sealed or unsealed paneling. It covers the wood and keeps its color from coming through the paint. Painters will often use a roller, which helps the paint go on smoothly. With a paintbrush, the paint may appear slightly streaky. Latex paints are best for wood paneling as oil-based paints can peel off the paneling, even with primer applied first. For a glossier finish, some painters will also use a clear coat. This coating protects the paint and adds a higher shine to the paneling.

Wood paneling was once a trendy option for homes across the country, but people today may no longer want those walls in their homes. While removing wood panels is often expensive and time-consuming, painting the walls is much easier. Professional painters can apply a new coat and give new life to your walls in a day.

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