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Many homeowners have old paint cans in their garage or shed. This paint is often leftover from the last paint job or acquired during a discount sale. Because paint can be expensive, many homeowners will ask their professional Rye painter if he or she can use that stock instead of buying new materials.

The question is understandable, but the answer depends on a number of factors. When paint sits for an extended period, it separates, and once separated, some of those materials begin to break down. With latex paints, this is most evident when the paint can is filled with murky water and large clumps of curdled latex. Separation and curdling are not necessarily deal breakers, but consumers should be aware that there is definitely a point of no return for old paint.

Unless old paint is improperly sealed or more than 10 years old, it usually at least viable for color matching. A professional painter can open the can with a 5-in-1, strain it if necessary, mix it thoroughly and then apply to a paint stick. Once dried, that stick is usually enough to match by, and minor tweaking can be performed to achieve original vibrancy or to blend in with weather-faded color.

Whether or not a professional painter will agree to use an old paint stock is going to depend on two primary factors.

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The first of those factors is the composition of the reconstituted paint. Keep in mind that every house or room a professional painter paints is essentially a billboard advertising his or her work. If painters believe that the paint will not hold up or may produce artifacts in the finish, then they may refuse due to the damage that it could cause their reputation.

The other factor is the difficulty and added cost of preparing the old paint for use. Keep in mind that the painter must strain each 1-gallon can or 5-gallon bucket, perhaps multiple times. That is going to require the added cost of labor and of supplies such as mesh paint strainers. Additionally, reconstituting old paint often requires vigorous shaking, so the painter may need to tote the stock to a local store and have it shaken by machine.

While a painter may be able to use old paint, it is not always the most cost-effective or practical option. Homeowners should consider discarding old paint properly and avoid buying paint on sale or in bulk unless they are confident that the stock will be used that year and is not already old.

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