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Redecorating a room requires careful thought especially when it comes to wall coverings. Unlike table lamps, furniture and other interior accessories, wall coverings can't be changed as easily when a new whim takes over. As a result, homeowners spend most of their planning period agonizing over whether to paint or wallpaper a room and what style to choose once they've made a decision. Working with a professional Rye painter can eliminate some of the stress that comes with deciding between paint and wallpaper, and a good pros and cons list can streamline the decision-making process even further.

Painting is cheaper and quicker than wallpapering. Even at the high end of the paint supply spectrum, good quality paint will cost significantly less as an upfront investment than wallpapering will. Homeowners who choose the paint route will also buy fewer supplies, and while they can hire a professional to do the job correctly, most people can handle a simple paint job on their own. In addition, painting takes no more than a few days in moderate-sized rooms. If homeowners plan to sell their homes eventually, then painting also makes a good choice because it's easy to change at whim.

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In terms of cons, painting offers less customization than wallpapering does. Beyond color selection, there's little a homeowner can do to make paint as attractive as wallpaper. Painting can also be a messy endeavor, and it requires initial cleanup and more costly upkeep in the end.

Wallpaper allows for the best customization when it comes to wall coverings. With personalized wallpaper options and thousands of choices already commercially available, homeowners with unique tastes will find plenty of options to decorate their walls. Wallpapering also offers a more permanent solution to those who don't plan to move, and professional application ensures even greater longevity. For homeowners with kids or pets, wallpapering provides a more durable surface since many modern styles can be washed by hand. While wallpapering costs more at the beginning, it requires less long-term upkeep and lasts much longer than paint.

On the downside, wallpaper is much more expensive than paint when considering upfront investment. Not only is wallpaper itself more expensive, but even easily applied types like vinyl wallpaper require extra tools to complete the job. Most people hire professionals to install wallpaper, which adds to the cost. Homeowners who plan to move will also find that their tastes may not agree with the taste of potential buyers, and changing out wallpaper requires significant effort.

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