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Home decorating trends go in and out of style every few years, and this is especially true of wallpaper styles. The 1980s saw the popularity of floral patterns rise, while the 1990s ushered in a number of trends, including southwestern designs and geometric patterns. Many homeowners feel stuck with outdated wallpaper and may think they have no other option. Removing that old paper often requires the use of a heat gun and some harsh and toxic chemicals that eat through the paste or glue used on the paper. With a Rye painter, homeowners can get rid of the look of wallpaper without actually removing it.

Painting over wallpaper requires prepping the paper first. If any of the paper has peeled away from the wall, it will need to be re-secured using a wallpaper paste or adhesive. Some walls may have missing sections of paper as well. The painter will need to replace that missing section with a new piece of wallpaper of the same thickness to avoid an uneven appearance.

Sealing the paper is the next step in the process. The wallpaper may peel away from the wall after the application of paint, which will make the paint peel as well. Experts generally use some type of caulk as a sealant. When applied to all edges of the wallpaper, the caulk keeps the paper from peeling.

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Painting wallpaper also requires the use of spackle. Also known as a joint compound, spackle has a thick putty-like consistency that dries to a hard surface. Painters use spackle to create a rougher surface that the paint can stick to better. They will also use sandpaper to buff down that spackle and make it a little smoother.

The best type of paint for wallpaper is an oil-based paint with a drier added. The drier ensures that each layer dries as quickly as possible. Though latex is a common type of interior paint, latex contains additives that can eat through the wallpaper and loosen its adhesive. Before painting, a painter will use an oil-based primer. Primer adheres to the wallpaper and hides the pattern of the paper. It can also lighten any darker colors found on the wallpaper.

While once trendy, wallpaper has lost some of its popularity, and homeowners may want to update the look of their walls. It can take hours to remove wallpaper section by section and even longer to remove the adhesive residue behind it. Painting the surface is an alternative to removing wallpaper that many homeowners prefer due to its ease and convenience.

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