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Painting a room can often seem like a daunting task. Homeowners need to rent or buy different tools and equipment, sift through dozens of paint samples before making a color decision and spend at least one day painting. Getting the job done faster is one reason why so many people in the area turn to a Rye painter. Before contacting an expert, homeowners may want to consider simple tips that might make the job go a little faster.

Using the right tools is one of the best tips for beginners. Far too many people assume that the only thing they need for a painting project are a few brushes and some old newspapers. While covering the floors and other surfaces with newspapers can help with drips, plastic sheeting is a better option. Even when taped down, newspapers can stick to the bottom of shoes and pull away from the floor. Plastic sheeting and masking tape are durable enough to last throughout the painting session but will come away easily.

Though some people swear by brushes, using a roller is often a better option for beginners. Brushes come in various sizes and feature either natural or synthetic hairs.

An expert painter at F&B Painting of Rye NY can answer your questions about residential painting or wallpapering.

Those with little experience may find that the paint doesn't go on as smoothly as they might like and that the finished surface is streaky or uneven. Anyone who can move his or her wrist and arm back and forth can use a roller. The risk of streaks and other imperfections drops when using a roller.

Paint can sometimes appear gloppy or go on thickly due to the consistency of the paint. Professionals use turpentine as a way to thin out the paint. Turpentine is also good for removing paint that drips onto other surfaces. A small dab of this liquid can quickly remove even dried paint. Beginners should remember to keep the doors and windows open to prevent themselves from inhaling the fumes produced by the turpentine.

Novice painters must also keep the windows open while painting to reduce the risk of inhaling fumes produced by the paint itself. Even low-VOC paint can produce harmful fumes. Opening the windows on a bright and sunny day can also reduce the time it takes for the paint to dry. Using fans, placing a dehumidifier in the room or using a heat gun can also speed up the drying process.

Those with questions and concerns about painting and those who are still new to painting should consider talking with a professional. These painters can walk beginners through the process.

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