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Homeowners may instantly think of paint as a perfect way to update the interior, but wallpaper is still a viable alternative. Wallpaper materials have improved greatly over the decades, weaving patterns and textures with limitless color palettes. A Rye painter can show clients the value of wallpaper, along with some of its drawbacks, when improperly installed.

If homeowners want a textured look to a room, wallpaper is the material that can create this effect. Styles with lifted patterns, from geometric to wavy shapes, dominate the wallpaper industry. Take a look at a few samples before settling on a texture. A large room can look slightly smaller and more intimate with a texture featured on one wall, for example. The texture also draws the eye to an area, allowing residents to add art or other accents in the space for a dramatic appearance.

Professionals are definitely needed when a home has old wallpaper and requires an update. Removing wallpaper that has been damaged over the years requires an expert's touch. Paint contractors easily detach the material and clean the surface, leaving it perfectly prepared for new wallpaper. Improper wall surface preparation leads to wallpaper tearing and bubbling not too long after installation. Experts know when to use certain solvents to clean the wall too.

Any of the expert painters at F&B Painting of Rye can answer your questions about epoxy coatings or wallpapering.

Using the wrong chemicals can actually damage the wall itself.

Painters often have a design background, allowing residents to benefit from their artistic eye. Ask about wallpapering one wall and painting the remaining three. Referred to as an accent wall, this wallpapering technique is perfect for a bedroom or living room. Contractors will caution clients about wallpapering in wet areas, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Although the overall look would be stunning, the moist environment leads to paper damage and peeling.

Wallpaper adds personality where paint cannot compete. If a household loves cats, for instance, add a wallpapered wall with whimsical kittens dancing away. The artistic limit is almost nonexistent with wallpaper, allowing residents to explore their color, image and pattern selections until they find the right match. From abstract waves to detailed flower patterns, wallpaper designs create a unique home while allowing for future change if the property is ever sold.

Whether homeowners are concerned about a blind corner or wallpaper bubbling, all worries are put to rest with a professional's installation expertise. Residents may be shocked by the transformation that wallpaper creates. A basic paint job can't compare to unique patterns and images splashed across quality wallpaper.

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