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Whether preparing for a move or cleaning up for spring, many homeowners wonder how to tell when it's time for a complete repainting of their home's exterior. Properly maintained homes give off better curbside appeal, which will make the home more attractive to potential buyers while extending the life of the home. Cracked paint, blistering and fading can all be telltale signs that it's time for a fresh coat, but how does one know when to invest in a professional Rye painter and when a simple touch-up will do? The following tips will help homeowners decide on the best time to repaint their home and signs that they need to spring for a full repainting job.

For starters, a home's location plays the most important role in determining how often to repaint. Homes located in areas that get a lot of direct sunlight tend to need more frequent paint jobs because the sun's rays wreak havoc on the chemical composition of paint. Homeowners who notice blistering or fading will need to inspect their homes every few months to make sure that the problem isn't getting worse. If it is, then it's time to call a professional who can apply appropriate paint. If the blisters progress slowly, then routine touch-ups should do between larger jobs.

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Homes in sunny climes may need full repainting in as little as three to five years.

Homes that don't see a lot of direct sunlight will last longer without repainting. Depending on the structure and overall condition of the home, a full repainting job may only be necessary once every decade. The quality of the paint matters almost as much as the location. Satin paint works best for mitigating the effects of the elements while flat finishes can create problems more quickly. Flat paint should only be used in the short term for touch-ups.

It's not always crucial to fully repaint a home. Ongoing maintenance will help keep the home's exterior protected from harsher elemental damage due to sun, wind, salt and moisture. Homeowners should take the time to note cracks in the surface that may indicate foundation issues or underlying mold and mildew concerns. For simple jobs, it's easy to cover up faded areas without the need for a professional, but homeowners should make sure that the area is completely clean and ready to take paint. Painting over cracks without taking the time to sand and clean the area will only make matters worse in the end.

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