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Curb appeal is a term that designers and landscape artists use to explain the attractiveness of a home from those standing at the curb or otherwise up close. If a homeowner decides to improve the curb appeal of their property, potential projects can range from adding new flowers and plants to cleaning up the front porch or replacing the home's front door. A Rye painter understands that improving curb appeal may also require painting the home. Adding a fresh coat of paint can make a home instantly feel more cheerful and welcoming. Painters know that there are different steps associated with painting a house.

Choosing the right color is the first step. Many exterior paints come with a colorant added that boosts the final shade. Interior walls and spaces receive both natural and artificial light, which makes the paint color used inside look brighter. As exterior walls typically only rely on natural light, it's important that customers pick a color that looks good on both cloudy and sunny days. Professionals can also help clients select complementary colors to use on shutters, eaves, window frames, doors and other areas of the home.

An expert painter at F&B Painting of Rye NY can answer your questions about commercial painting or wallpapering.

Different types of paint are suitable for use on wood siding, brick, aluminum siding and vinyl siding. Painting companies help customers ensure that they use the proper types of paint for those surfaces. Selecting the wrong option can lead to the paint peeling away from the walls or cracking.

Depending on the type of surface, repairs may be necessary. Cracks in wood require the use of wood putty, and chips or cracks in brick will need caulk. Caulk fills those cracks and then expands to cover the crack. Some painters will also pressure-wash the house with a high-powered washer system that removes dirt and dust clinging to the home, preparing the surface for the new paint.

Professional painters will also look for signs of rotten wood before applying primer. Rot caused by moisture damage will keep the paint from adhering. Painters may also encounter signs of termite damage and other issues that will keep the paint from sticking to the surface.

Even after applying the paint and primer, a painter isn't done. Professionals will come back to the home and go over all the surfaces carefully to look for any smudges or problems that may require an additional coat. Only after the painters and the homeowners are happy is the job done.

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