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Dry brushing is a painting technique that uses two or more different colors of paint. When done properly, it can add a herringbone, geometric or another type of pattern to the space, turning the wall into a focal point. Instead of saturating a brush with paint, a Scarsdale painter uses a dryer brush that prevents streaks from appearing in the finished design.

The key to the dry brush technique is the use of two to three different shades of paint. Though different, the paints should complement each other. Painters will also use primer in the beginning and a clear sealant.

After the primer dries, the painter will apply one base coat of acrylic paint. As acrylic paints dry faster, this lets the painter get the job done faster. Two coats of paint will completely cover the primer and the entire wall. It will usually take a few hours for each layer to completely dry.

Dry brushing relies on a brush that barely has any paint on it. Experts will usually fill a paint tray with paint, dip the brush into the tray and tap the brush along the side to remove any excess.

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The painter will then carefully brush the second color of paint onto the walls in a set pattern.

Once this second coat dries, the painter can go back over the wall with a third color of paint. Painters often use this shade as a way to highlight the pattern and pull the eye of specific areas of the wall. After ensuring that the wall is dry, the painter can apply one last clear coat to the surface.

There are a number of different patterns that painters can create using this method. The herringbone pattern is among the most popular. Painters simply apply the paint with a dry brush at a 45-degree angle and then go back and apply more paint in the opposite direction. Dry brushing also works well when creating a more natural look.

Using a dry brushing technique is one of the best ways to reduce problems in the finished design. The only thing that painters need to keep in mind is that they must use as little paint on the brush as possible. Applying too much paint can result in the later coats covering the original paint.

Those who think dry brushing sounds difficult can get in touch with a painting company to find the right tools and get help creating an eye-catching wall in their homes that uses multiple paint colors.

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