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Do-it-yourselfers may assume that most paints are the same and that the results of painting their walls will be similar, no matter the type of paint used. Homeowners may not realize that they can use paints and glazes to add texture and dimension to a wall, creating an instant focal point that will draw the eye and provide an instant update to a room or an entire home. A Scarsdale painter can help homeowners decide which colors they want to use and how to blend the colors properly to add more texture and dimension.

Prior to adding paint, a painter will use a coat of color changing primer or another primer. Primers come in multiple varieties, including those that block odors and those that hide stains. A color-changing primer lets homeowners use fewer coats of paint when adding dimension to a wall.

After applying the primer and letting it dry, the painter can apply the first coat of paint. A good painter will opt for a paint that produces fewer VOCs. VOC fumes can make certain people sick. This is especially important to remember in households with pregnant women, elderly family members or kids. Professional painters will typically apply at least two coats of paint, which they might refer to as a base color.

The next step is the application of one coat of a glaze mixture.

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Many manufacturers create glazes in different colors. The painter mixes the glaze with an equal ratio of paint. This mixture goes directly on the wall. It dries to a lighter shade that allows some of the original base coat to shine through.

Painters can use different techniques and methods to create different textures. Some homeowners might apply sheets of tissue paper to the walls. This requires a base coat and a coat of lightweight adhesive to the wall. When the tissue paper dries, a coat of a lighter color can be applied. Once dry, the wall has the rich look of leather or suede.

Another fun method creates an almost abstract look on the walls. After applying the base coat, letting it dry and applying a top coat, the painter uses a sponge to carefully remove some of the top coat. This lets some of the original paint appear beneath the top coat. Painters will often seal the paint with a clear top coat as well for durability.

There are dozens of different techniques that can add texture to a wall. Working with a painting company lets homeowners see samples of how different methods look and let them decide which techniques they want to use in their own homes.

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