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Painting may seem like a simple job, but there is a lot more to being a professional contractor than most people think. Not every Scarsdale painter is a professional. True professional contractors are responsible for customer service, accounting, cost control, estimating, safety and legal issues. They must be competent in business as well as excellent painters if they hope to be successful. The road to becoming a professional painting contractor is a lot longer than many people believe.

To become a painter the first step is to get experience painting. Most contractors begin their career by apprenticing as a laborer with an already established company. During this time, they will not only learn the proper techniques for prepping surfaces and applying paint but also how to estimate time and cost when bidding a job. The years spent as an apprentice provide valuable experience, which must be verifiable when it comes time to sit for the licensing exam.

Hands-on experience is a great way to learn the skills it takes to complete a job, but there is much more to running a business.

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The requirements to obtain a state license vary from place to place, but most require prospective contractors to be educated on many aspects of the business that apprentices don't deal with daily. Contractors must learn workplace safety requirements and understand their legal liability in many situations. There are also environmental regulations that are likely to be on the exam as well as business practices such as accounting and contract law. Community colleges and trade schools generally offer programs, which cover these areas and help to prepare apprentices for the exam.

Once they have put in the time as an apprentice and studied until they know the business top to bottom, it is time to sit for the exam. Licensing exams can be extensive and take many hours to complete. Even once they pass the test, there are still more requirements to be met. Most states require contractors to carry liability and workers compensation insurance, which must be obtained prior to the license being issued.

Now that they are finally a licensed contractor, they still must raise the capital to purchase the necessary equipment and cover operating expenses. If they do this through a business loan, they have a limited time to land some jobs and get the revenue stream flowing. Being a professional painting contractor is not easy. Prospective clients will be able to tell which ones have put in the work and which ones took a shortcut.

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