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Homeowners often look for ways to put their own slant and personality on their homes. Instead of using one color on the walls with a similar shade on their moldings, they look for techniques that set their homes apart from others on the street. The crackle technique is one of the most basic painting techniques, but this type of painting has a big impact. It can create a dramatic look the draws the eye. Though the process of using this technique might sound easy, a Scarsdale painter can complete the job without any of the mistakes that homeowners often make.

The process of using crackle paint is similar to the process of using any other type of paint. Painters must clean the walls, prepare the surface and cover the floors and moldings. Crackle paint is a type of paint that breaks as it dries, which allows the base coat to shine. Depending on the colors chosen, the finished effect can look like crystal or marble.

Most select two colors that are similar, but choosing two completely different colors can create a more dramatic finished look.

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Some choose a lighter shade as the base coat and a darker color for the top coat, while some prefer a darker shade on bottom and a lighter color on top. Professional painters can give clients an idea of how different colors will work together.

After applying the base coat, the painter will use masking tape to define the area where the crackle paint will go. Before using the crackle coat, they work with their clients to get an idea about the finished look they want. For a lighter and more delicate look, painters will use paintbrush. If the clients want a more dramatic look, they will use a mini roller. A mini roller is the best tool for designs that require multiple coats of crackle paint.

Using more than one coat of this special paint is a simple way to get a great effect. As the painter applies the paint in different directions and with different levels of smoothness, it crackles in various ways to create a more eye-catching look.

In homes with larger rooms and larger walls, painters will typically divide the wall in sections and work on one section at a time. After completing each area, the painter will apply a small amount of paint on the edges of each section to blend those areas together to create a complete look.

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