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Scarsdale Painter: Article About DIY Vs. Hiring A Professional

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When it comes time to paint, most homeowners spend at least some time thinking about whether they should do the job themselves or hire a professional painter. While painting a single room can certainly be accomplished over a weekend, the supplies and equipment necessary to turn out professional results often make it not worth the time and energy. Additionally, someone who has little to no experience with residential house painting will certainly not be able to accomplish the project as quickly or professionally as an experienced painter.

Hiring a professional Scarsdale painter insures that a home will get the best paint job possible. A professional painter will have all the tools including extension ladders, brushes, rollers and tarps. For the average homeowner, acquiring everything necessary to do the job is often not worth the investment, especially given the infrequency with which this equipment would typically be used.

Another important factor to consider is the experience of a painting crew. Experienced painters have done this type of work before and they know how to get the job done right. Whether they encounter water stains, holes or imperfections in a wall, they'll have the tools and experience to handle the problem. In fact, many homeowners don't even know how to properly prep surfaces for painting.

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They might try putting a little spackling paste here and there or even use a stain cover to help hide water damage, but it takes more than just dabbing on some spackling paste or some stain blocking primer or sealer to make a wall look great when the paint is applied.

Homeowners can easily get in over their heads. Painting often takes much more than some people think. Whether it's spending hours meticulously cutting in around molding, the ceiling or window and door frames, it's not unusual for inexperienced individuals to start feeling the aches and pains. Additionally, lugging ladders, moving furniture and the physical demands of wielding a roller for hours and hours can be demanding.

Of course, there's also the other day-to-day distractions and oftentimes, a tight schedule that must be met when homeowners try to paint on their own. When a professional painter is hired, they'll arrive with everything they need to complete the job, including paint, crew, tools and equipment. There are no distractions because they are there for one purpose only. They'll get the job done quickly and professionally, and the room will look great when they're finished.

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