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Finding the perfect color for use inside or outside a home does not have to be a chore, and you can simplify the process of having your home painted by a professional Scarsdale painter by knowing which colors you want in advance. Keep in mind, however, that you do not necessarily want to purchase the paint in advance since a pro painter often has access to discounts that you do not.

When it comes to color matching, the days of being limited to a color swatch book are over. Those are still available if you prefer the method, but we now have access to numerous computer color matching options. Some of these options are available as apps that you can run from your smartphone. App-based swatches are a powerful tool, and while app-based color matching is not as sophisticated or precise as a dedicated device, it is convenient and gets the job done well enough for many people.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of CCM is no longer being limited to matching against paint, swatches and similar sources. In fact, you can match the color of your favorite shoes or match a particular color in a floral arrangement on a bedroom comforter. The options are practically endless now, so it really comes down to determining an overall thematic goal for the room or exterior space.

A painter from F&B Painting of Scarsdale NY will answer your question about deck maintenance or wallpapering.

Most professionals recommend choosing a key element and then basing all color choice off that core hue.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is choosing a color based on environmental factors outside the norm. For instance, perform color matching for a bedroom with the curtains up and the bedding in place rather than after the room has been broken down in preparation of painting. If you color match siding or trim color at 11 a.m., wait until that same time to judge a dried paint sample. A color can look very different at late afternoon or dusk than it does in the morning.

Do not be in a rush to settle on a color. A recent industry survey indicated that the average consumer tries about four colors before choosing. That is too few, and it suggests that most people are not challenging there initial preconceptions of the perfect color for an area. If you are having difficulties or need guidance, do not be afraid to ask your painter. His or her experience has developed a good eye for color matches and for colors that complement and contrast well.

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