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Painting the interior of a house seems like a task that is easily accomplished by any homeowner. So why should homeowners hire a contractor? Because the cost of the contractor is in fact a savings when efficiency and quality are taken into consideration. A contractor's expertise in types of paint and surfaces will ensure a perfect finish, while their experience will get the job done much faster than even the most intrepid DIYers could manage. Especially for homeowners contemplating new paint throughout their home, a contractor will save time and frustration, and their skills will ensure the best possible results.

Choosing a Scarsdale Painter should not be done quickly. A homeowner should thoroughly investigate their licenses, insurance and references. They should ensure that the contractor has experience with their style of home and can advise on types of paint, handling of details such as moldings and trims, and ways to approach issues such as fungus, damp and warping. It is advisable to meet with at least three contractors before proceeding. This will provide a good range of prices, as well as ensure that the chosen contractor is most in line with the homeowner's ideas for the project.

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Once the contractor is selected, the specs of the project can be finalized. While homeowners will generally just choose a color and roll it on, a contractor can advise them on the myriad paint options that are available now. Does the homeowner want to consider eco-friendly paints, with low fumes and toxic content? Which finish would they prefer, and should a drywall texture be applied? Trims and moldings should be given separate consideration. A knowledgeable contractor will be able to thoroughly assess the condition of the walls, ceiling and trims. Checking surfaces thoroughly for any signs of deterioration can save money in the long run by treating problems before they become costly, and alerting homeowners to issues such as small leaks in roofs or plumbing.

Once the specs of the project are determined, homeowners will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly the job proceeds. Painting multiple rooms, once a job that had to be staggered over several weekends, can often be done in a few days. The inconvenience of rearranging furniture is eliminated, and the results will be far more crisp, clean and professional than what most amateurs can produce. For those homeowners with large projects and who admire the clean, rich rooms seen in staged photographs, hiring a contractor will be cost-effective.

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