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Scarsdale Painter: Article About Hottest Paint Colors For 2015

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This year has brought in another set of new trends, which includes paint colors. Homeowners looking for a way to change the decor of their home can try new paint colors to brighten their living space, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen and any other rooms in their home. While every room may not need a total renovation, many homes could use a fresh, new coat of paint in any area. If some rooms are not used as often as other rooms, new paint can be applied by a Scarsdale painter to heavy-traffic rooms to make a home a little more inviting while cooking, watching television or reading.

Some of the hottest paint colors that have emerged this year include neutral tones like blue, gray, beige, white and aqua. Coral reef is another popular color. This color has been chosen as the most popular color of the year by Sherwin Williams. Soft yellow, gold, plum, amber, dark navy and dark gray can be used to set the tone for light colored furniture. Homeowners who prefer bright colored tones can try colors such as green, teal, violet and lavender. These colors also provide a bold contrasting atmosphere for light colored sofas, chairs and beds.

Painting bedrooms can be fun and can be decorated with a variety of attractive colors.

Painters from F&B Painting of Scarsdale NY will answer your question about wallpapering or deck maintenance.

If one of the paint projects is tackling a child's room, colors such as deep orange, lime green, turquoise, sky blue or royal blue can offset any comforter design or colored bedroom furniture. Additionally, these colors can be used in kitchens or family rooms to create a trendy look as well.

There are several reasons why current paint colors should be included in a home improvement project. When popular paint colors are selected, homeowners can maintain a contemporary look. As a result, freshly painted homes become appealing to residents, visitors, and prospective buyers. Popular paint colors can also do wonders for older homes that have moldings and trims that homeowners want to preserve.

Homeowners who want to view paint colors prior to painting their homes can visit a few home improvement sites for ideas about decorating rooms and how to apply paint correctly. Tips from professional painters are also available to help homeowners with projects. However, if homeowners don't feel comfortable with applying paint, they can always hire a professional painter. By doing so, homeowners can guarantee that their new paint will not be wasted or applied incorrectly.

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