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Few things are worse during a renovation project than sitting around the house and waiting for paint to dry. Depending on the type of paint used, it can take anywhere from a few hours to overnight for a coat of paint to dry completely. Even those who work with a Scarsdale painter might find that a painting project requires several hours of drying time, and those looking at how to make paint dry faster can use a few tips.

One reason why paint dries slowly is due to the humidity in the room. Any type of humidity can leave the paint feeling sticky or tacky to the touch. Using a dehumidifier is one option for those who can't wait for the walls to dry. A dehumidifier slowly pulls the humidity out of the air, allowing the paint to dry faster.

Those who do not have access to a dehumidifier can opt to use one or more fans placed in the room. When the fans are pointed away from the walls, they pull moisture from the air, which helps surfaces to dry faster. Keeping the fans a few feet away from the walls is a helpful tip for painters.

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If the fans are too close or face the walls, the movement of the fan blades can actually cause the paint to smear or look messy.

Professional painters often use a tool called a heat gun. A heat gun is a small portable device that produces a large amount of heat. Painters will aim the gun at the walls and hold it a few inches from the wet paint or primer. They will then move the gun back and forth until the paint fully dries.

Knowing when to paint is an important step before starting any job. Experts always take the time to check the weather and look for any cold fronts moving through the area. When it's raining outside, this causes the humidity level to rise, which typically increases the amount of time it takes for the paint to dry.

Some people find it helpful to leave an air conditioning running while painting. The belief is that the cold temperature makes the paint dry faster. Another helpful tip is for painters to leave the windows in the room open. The warm air coming through the windows helps the paint dry quickly.

No one wants to sit around and watch paint dry. Those who want to avoid using dehumidifiers and air conditioners as driers should leave their painting project in the capable hands of a professional painter.

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