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Many homeowners may believe that repainting a room is an easy and quick way to renovate the inside of a home. While this may be the case, a poor paint job can make the interior of a home look even worse than before. A professional Scarsdale painter may properly prep the walls prior to painting to ensure that the new paint job is satisfactory. In many cases, the point of prepping the interior walls is to ensure that there are no imperfections that may show through the paint.

One of the first things that professional painter may do is remove nails and screws in the wall. The small holes left behind will not be covered by interior paint. Filler must be applied to the holes and sanded, leaving behind a smooth surface. If the walls have been seriously damaged, patching material can be applied directly to the hole. The patching material provides a grid that allows construction mud to cling to the wall. This can then be sanded down to a smooth surface.

In some cases, the tape around the wall joints may swell or come loose if there is not enough joint compound. This can cause the paint to swell, leaving an unsightly blister on the wall.

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An expert painter will remove the paint around these areas and pull off the tape. Once the tape is pulled up, new compound can be added, and the joint can be resealed. More mud may be added to the area to ensure that the wall is level.

Some walls may have scuffs or significant damage. In this case, the expert painter may apply a thin coat of the mud to the entire wall. This ensures that there is a smooth surface for the paint to grab onto, and none of the imperfections will show through. If the imperfections are serious enough, the wall may require more than one coat. Once the mud has dried, the entire wall must be sanded. The final preparation step for the painter is to prime the walls. The two main purposes of primer is to cover the old paint and provide a surface for the new paint to adhere to.

With proper prepping and priming by a professional painter, a wall full of imperfections can be renovated to look as if it is brand new. To get the best results, it is recommended that an experienced painter tackle the job.

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