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Any homeowner entering a home improvement store could be overwhelmed by all the paint choices. With different terms to describe each color, paint has a scientific way of being mixed and applied to create a lasting color. A Scarsdale painter has all the knowledge and background to apply the right color mixture to the project, but homeowners should also understand their choices for more creative freedom.

As one of the most common paint types, flat is a simple look with barely a hint of sheen. Painters apply it to both exterior and interior areas as designated by the mixture's description. Interior walls and ceilings for living rooms and bedrooms use flat very often. Some exterior mixtures even come with texturizing elements for more visual depth. Flat, white paint is common for apartments and condominiums, creating a cohesive look between units.

When households are busy, an interior eggshell paint job may be a better match than others. Eggshell uses more sheen than flat, making it stand out more as light strikes the surface. It also has a more durable finish than flat. Homeowners could wipe the walls down with a damp sponge, for instance, to remove fingerprints or greasy films. Some homeowners are wary of using eggshell extensively through a large space because of the varying sheen across different paint company products.

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Contractors should discuss the sheen factor with residents before starting any large area.

Gloss is one of the shiniest paints, so it's often used for accenting small rooms. A guest bathroom, for example, shines brilliantly with a gloss paint job because the wall space is limited. Choosing a bold green or blue in these small areas accentuates the gloss even more.

Kitchens and bathrooms pose moisture issues for any paint job. Contractors normally go over their concerns with homeowners when deciding on a paint type in these areas. Flats with specialized waterproofing additives are often used to force moisture into a beading formation, allowing it to slough off through evaporation instead of infiltrating the wall itself. Almost any color is possible with these specialized flats.

When homeowners are unsure of a color or sheen, it's acceptable to ask a professional about trying the color out on an inconspicuous area. A very glossy appearance may turn the homeowner off whereas a flat, water-based paint could be too ordinary. Trying out the color can benefit both the homeowner and contractor for a satisfying overall project.

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