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Whether it is time to sell or to simply freshen up, the warmer months are when many homeowners consider repainting their home's exteriors. Sunny days are perfect for quickly drying and curing a fresh paint job. Before proceeding with such a project though, there are several aspects to consider. Decisions such as whether to hire a contractor and what kind of paint to use should be made. Siding and trim should be inspected for rot and damage, and landscape and surfaces should all be thoroughly prepped before the first dab of color is applied.

If the very thought of all this work is making homeowners groan, they should consider hiring a Scarsdale Painter to help them every step of the way. Although local painting contractors can easily be found on the Internet, homeowners should carefully check the contractor's licenses and certifications, insurance and any references or testimonials available. They should decide whether to simply consult with the contractor or hire them to do the project. In addition, they should always get multiple bids to ensure they get the fairest deal for their specific needs.

However they choose to proceed, the homeowner should consider the state of their home's exterior. Old paint should be scraped and washed away, and any rotting or moldy siding should be replaced.

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Trim repairs should be made at this time as well. Once the home has been prepped, paints can be selected for the job. The homeowner should consider whether to invest in paints with included primers, or prime separately before painting. They should plan on boxing their paints, using 5-gallon buckets instead of 1-gallon cans to ensure the color stays as even as possible. They should also take all necessary steps to protect the landscaping and any portions of the house not being painted.

For homes built before 1978, it is vital that homeowners check their existing paint for lead prior to scraping. Lead dust is toxic and damaging to both people and the environment. If there is a chance the existing paint contains lead, homeowners should take the time to send a paint chip to a lab for testing. The test is quick and reasonably priced, and it will make all the difference in determining how to proceed with removal. If lead is detected, a professional must be hired to remove the old paint. Again, a contractor can advise on the best local service for lead paint removal.

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