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Many of the stairs found in homes today feature wood construction. Some homeowners cover those steps with carpeting and rugs, and others enjoy the look of stained or painted wood. Although homeowners might think that staining the wood is their only option, others know that a coat of paint is a simple way to change the look of a home and update the design of those steps. A professional Scarsdale painter can easily tackle the job of painting steps.

The way in which the project begins depends on whether there is carpeting, paint or a stain on the stairs. Carpeting may have tacks holding it down or an adhesive solution. After removing the carpet, painters can use liquid solvents to remove the adhesive. They may also need to use sandpaper to remove the adhesive. If the stairs were stained or painted, they will need to use paint stripper to remove each layer.

Most stairs will also show some signs of wear and tear, including scratches, minor chips and cracked wood. Painters use wood putty to repair cracks and chips. They can use wood filling materials to cover scratches as well.

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After the filler or putty dries, they use sandpaper to smooth the material and make it even with the rest of the step.

Professionals use masking tape or masking film to mark off the stairs and to cover the banisters and railing. If clients opt for two different colors, painters can use the tape and film to mark off the treads. The treads are the flat pieces that people step down on, and the risers are the pieces in between that are visible when standing at the bottom of the stairs.

A roller is usually more helpful than a brush when painting steps. One swipe of the roller can contain enough paint to cover the step with one coat. Painters use rollers when applying the primer as well. After blocking off the treads and painting the risers, painters can go back and remove the tape on the treads. They then tape off the risers and paint the treads in a similar shade or a contrasting color.

Professionals can also use a wide range of stencils to create different designs. Some opt for floral or geometric patterns on the risers, while others like the design accomplished with using contrasting colors on the treads and risers. Painting stairs is usually cheaper than using carpeting on the steps.

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