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Although the average homeowner can do a decent job painting a room, hiring a professional painter will inevitably give better results. Painters have more experience, and they use certain techniques that elevate a good job to a great job. Understanding some of these tricks of the trade can help make it clear why hiring a Scarsdale painter is a worthwhile investment.

One thing the professionals don't skimp on is time: Between prepping, priming and painting, it can take between two and four days to paint a typical room. Professional painters also make sure they clear everything out of a room before beginning a job. Many homeowners rely on old sheets to cover their floors when they paint, but paint can soak right through a thin fabric; professionals invest in good drop cloths that will protect homeowners' floors during a job.

A good primer makes any paint job look better. Although latex primers are a popular choice among homeowners, professionals tend to favor alkyd- and alcohol-based primers for their superior ability to cover surfaces. Experienced painters always prime the entire wall before painting instead of just priming a few spots: Those randomly primed spots will be visible after the paint has been applied. Professional painters may differ in their favorite brands of paint, but all will agree that a high-quality paint is worth the investment.

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In addition to selecting the right paint and primer, professional painters also improve their results by choosing the optimal tools for the job. According to the experts, a 5-gallon bucket is a better bet than a typical roller pan. Not only does a bucket hold more paint, but it is also less likely to tip over and can be used to mix multiple paint colors.

Painters also emphasize the importance of a good paintbrush. Natural brushes are still used for oil-based paint, but most professionals find that synthetic brushes are the most versatile for interior jobs using latex paint. Paintbrushes come in a variety of widths, and experts find it helpful to have a few on hand at all times. The superior control of a small brush is handy for some jobs while larger brushes will help other jobs get done faster.

It's clear that professional painters bring a high degree of skill and knowledge to a job, and their expert tips come from years of experience. These tricks of the trade help create the superior results that only come from a professional painting job.

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