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Homes with wood floors are typically worth more than homes that feature tile, fake wood or other types of flooring. Though wood is extremely durable and can last for decades, some find that their floors show significant signs of damage within a few years. This can include gouge marks from pets, scratches from kids and even chips and cracks from simply walking across the surface. While replacing the wood flooring is one option, some might prefer saving money and working with a Scarsdale painter to paint the floor.

Long before the first coat of primer goes on, painters will thoroughly clean and prep the wood. If there is even the slightest bit of sealant, stain or paint remaining on the wood, painters will need to use a paint stripper to remove those substances before sanding down the floor with fine grit sandpaper. Cleaning the floor is the next step. This usually involves sweeping to remove any large pieces of debris and then vacuuming the floor. Some painters will also use a specialized solvent designed for use on wood floors.

The best type of primer for this type of surface is one with an oil base, but some latex primers work equally well. Primers bond to the floor and provide a smooth base for the paint.

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Some new types of primer known as self-leveling primers can even fill in cracks and scratches in the original wood. Professionals will sometimes sand the first coat of primer and apply a second coat to make the surface even smoother.

If there is any molding in the room, most painters will remove the molding and replace it after they finish painting. Others will mark off the molding with masking tape or drop cloths. This ensures that the color does not reach those areas.

Painters will also need to decide on the best way to paint the floor. They must reach all areas of the room at one time to prevent air bubbles and other problems. Once they apply the base coat, they can use tape and stencils to create unique patterns and designs after the base coat dries.

It can take 24 hours or longer until the painted floors finish drying. After this finishes, the painter will use one or more coats of clear sealant on top. It will take another few hours or up to one day until the sealant dries. Once it does dry, residents can begin walking on their wood floors again.

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