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Both interior and exterior painting is one area of home construction and improvement that the homeowner often feels they can handle themselves. In reality, painting projects are much more involved. There are many reasons why hiring a professional painter is definitely the smart investment. Calling a Scarsdale painter will ensure not only a beautiful, but durable result.

While it may save some money initially, that is essentially the only advantage to the do-it-yourself approach in home painting. Professional painters are committed to the task and nothing else. They will complete a job in less time because it is their profession. They also have the proper equipment and tools to make the process go more smoothly and look better. Painting takes more precision and craftsmanship than people realize. This precision makes the interior and exterior pop. An amateur paint job is easy to spot and simply does not have a finished look.

Exterior painting is a completely different process than interior painting. The process of painting an exterior can take longer and involves a different type of paint. Without the expertise and proper tools, an inadequate paint job can result causing an unattractive exterior appearance and possibly even a lower valuation of the property. If a poor or even mediocre job is done, it will be necessary to redo the paint job much sooner.

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This ends in the homeowner spending more money than if they originally hired a professional.

The amateur also does not always fully understand different brands and types of paint. Some types of paint should not be used in certain areas or on certain surfaces. For example, some paint is more weather resistant than others are. When a professional is hired, the homeowner can know that both the work and the paint will be of the highest quality. The professional painter also understands the mixture of colors and application needs to yield the desired appearance of the homeowner. This skill is developed over time by expert painters.

Approximately 20 percent of do-it-yourself paint projects end with the homeowner hiring a professional. This clearly shows that while painting either the exterior or interior of a home may seem like an easy job, it is much more involved. Professional painters have an obligation to do the job properly, so the work is not finished until the owner is satisfied. The time and headache saved is well worth the extra money spent on a professional paint job by a painting professional.

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