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A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a house. Besides improving the curb appeal, a new paint job can protect a home from outside elements like weather and even pests. A Scarsdale painter will help bring back that good-as-new look when a house needs a new coat. Here are a few signs that let a homeowner know his or her house needs some painting.

The first thing to notice when a house needs new paint is when the current layer of paint begins to peel. The peeling might not be that obvious and may be as inconspicuous as a few chips on the floor or a dusty-looking substance on one's hands when touching the paint. After awhile, the paint will begin to fold and curl in larger chunks. This folded paint falls off easily.

The wood of the house will begin to become exposed as the paint wears off. This is a more obvious sign of needing a new paint job. The wood might not look like it is exposed due to the coloring absorbed from the primer underneath the paint, but if the wood feels splintery and rough, it means the paint has come off and the wood is exposed. Over time, exposed wood will show signs of mold growth and staining.

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This is advanced decay of the wood and should not be taken lightly.

If a house is made of stucco, the material will begin to chip away when no longer painted. Stucco always needs to be painted as it is prone to erosion from rain and sand. When exposed for a sufficient amount of time, the structure could become compromised, after which the entirety of the stucco will need to be replaced.

It is important to pay attention to these warning signs of wear and tear on a home. Paint is not only good for making a home look nice but also to help the home keep its structural integrity. Paint protects the house much like bark protects a tree from the elements. A home should be repainted as soon as it begins to show signs of the paint falling off. A homeowner can inspect his or her home at least once a month to ensure the paint is intact. A home inspection should also be done after an especially strong storm or before winter. Proper care for a home helps ensure a safe home and less stress in the long run.

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